ADT 2500

50km range with 3kg payload

ADT 2500 is multi purpose hybrid VTOL suitable for agriculture, animal breeding, surveying designed to increase efficiency of human resources


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Large wingspan of 2,5M

Stable flight and resistance on wind


Replaceble gimbal camera
Live image transmission and display on the screen

Autonomous flying

Autonomous flying though points

thanks to trajectory marking software

Durable batteries

High efectiveness thanks to high flying autonomy

High flying speed

Maximum flying speed of 100km/h

High efectiveness in surveying

Full Drone details and Specs

Body material Carbon fiber + fiberglass
Maximum payload 3 kg
Net weight 5 kg
Takeoff weight (with battery, without payload) 10,5 kg
Maximum take-off weight 13,5 kg
Flight time 4hrs without payload, 3.5hrs with 1.2kg payload
Flight radius 50km
Flying altitude 4800 m
Flying speed 50km/h (15.5m/s) – 100km/h (27m/s@12.5kg)
Operating temperature -10° C to 60° C
Humidity IP45 rated
Wind resistance 14m/s (fixed wing), 8m/s (VTOL)
Gimbal compartiment 26*17*9 cm
Ready to fly 2,50m wingspan x 1.26m lenght
Packing chargeable size 1,51×0,58×0,44 m
Camera type A40T with integrated 3 axis gimbal system
Sensor type RGB: Sony 1/2.8″ CMOS (1920*1080px), 1x ~ 40x optical zoom

Thermal: 19mm, 12μm, (640*512 px), 1x ~ 8x digital zoom

Camera AI Object
Tracking Update rate
30Hz with AI auto zoom
Trackable targets type Car and Human
Propulsion System
Motor Brushless with permanent magnets
Water resistant by IPX7 standard
FOC – PMSM (Field Oriented Control based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Propeller material Carbon fiber
ESC 490Hz (integrated in the motor)
Flight controller Triple IMU
Triple redundant power supply with automatic failover
Ground Control Station Integrated in impact-proof case

Dual touchscreen 20″ + 9.7″ with 1040nits maximum brightness and Windows OS

50km maximum Digital datalink and video transmitter solution with tracking antenna

Control application Windows based for gimbal control, route planning live image forwarding
Compatible with Google Maps
Battery / Quantity 2x6S (48V)- 27Ah Li-ion (compartiment size 26x15x9cm)
Battery charger AC 230V 2400W
Charging time 25min full chargeing
Other Info
Certification CE
Origin EU
Warranty 3 years on drone / 1 year on batteries
Service and post-warranty Provided – in Romania

ADT Falcon S 50L-4M

50 liter tank and 2 rotating nozzles

ADT Falcon S 30L-4M

30 liter tank and 2 rotating nozzles