ADT Falcon 30L

30 liter tank and 2 centrifugal nozzles

The ADT Falcon 30L, an agricultural drone ( pulverizer) with 2 centrifugal nozzles and a 30 litre tank, is an excellent choice for more efficient agricultural crop, fruit and vineyard management. It is ideal for both spraying and spreading granular substances. This drone offers many advantages over traditional plant protection.



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Terrain tracking radar
Obstacle avoidance sensors on front and rear


Fixed camera with 2 LED reflectors
Live image transmission and display on the phone screen

Intelligent spraying

Tank drain sensor


Trajectory marking device
Ground Station application / software + radio telemetry

Continuous spraying

Additional batteries
Multiple battery adapter to charger

Full Drone details and Specs

Liquid tank volume 30 liter
Net weight 24,5 kg
Takeoff weight 38 kg
Maximum take-off weight 70 kg
Flight time 10-15 minutes
Flight radius 0-1500 m
Flying altitude 0-20 m
Flying speed 0-10 m/s
Operating temperature 10° C to 70° C
Humidity 0-90%
Spray speed 0-8 m/s
Spray width / Number of nozzles 11 m / 2 centrifugal nozzles
Spray flow 16 l / min
Spraying efficiency up to 52800 m²/min
Descending air flow 4-15 m/s
Wind resistance 10 m/s
Extended 2,44×2,55×0,75 m
Folded 0,98×0,68×0,75 m
Propulsion System
Motor Brushless with permanent magnets
Water resistant by IPX7 standard
FOC – PMSM (Field Oriented Control based Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Propeller material Carbon fiber
ESC 490Hz (integrated in the motor)
Flight controller Dual CPU
Triple IMU
Dual barometer
Remote controller 16 channels + 5 PWM channels

Integrated Android system with fHD 5,5“ high luminosity screen (1000nits)

slot for 4G SIM card, 10.400mah (7,4V) integrated battery, weight 850g

Control application Android application
Compatible with Google Maps and KML file import
Battery / Quantity 18 cells, capacity 30000mAh 1 piece
Battery charger 7000W quick/smart charger 230V
Charging time 20 min / 1 battery
Other Info
Certification CE
Origin EU
Warranty 3 years on drone / 1 year on batteries
Service and post-warranty Provided – in Romania

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